Winter Skin? What Winter Skin?! Dry Brushing to the Rescue!

Published On: March 15, 2023

Hello! Joanne here with Mountain Soap Factory.  It’s time! Time to shed that winter skin and start anew. I have a simple, inexpensive but remarkably effective skin care tip that will take care of your winter skin as we move towards warmer weather. 

It’s no secret, for the 30 somethings as well as those over 60, the words of the day, week, and year are “Dry Brushing”! This very simple skin treatment has been around for eons, advancing healthy glowing skin while promoting much needed circulation in a very natural way.  Men and woman alike are raving about Dry Brushing and its benefits.

What is it?

Dry Brushing is the ancient (we’re talking 4000+ years old) practice of regularly brushing your skin prior to bathing to remove dead skin cells and increase circulation using a natural bristle brush. Cultures in ancient Egypt, India and Japan (just to mention a few) have employed the art of dry brushing to encourage blood circulation, hygiene and lymphatic health/drainage with notable results. Fast forward to today, we know that our skin is our largest organ and requires our attention for our health and wellbeing…that’s where Dry Brushing comes in for the modern world. 

How is it done?  (Please note: There are several ways to Dry Brush…here is just one suggestion) 

  • Select a natural bristle brush of your preference (We have two to choose from! Products tagged below)
  • Prior to bathing, and on dry fresh skin without oils, gently brush your entire body, starting at your feet and moving toward your heart in short strokes. Time needed: less than 5+ minutes. 
  • After bathing, use your favorite body lotion.
  • Dry Brush daily or as little as once a week to get great results.


  • Removes dead skin cells while making skin smoother
  • Promotes healthy new skin cell growth
  • Boost blood circulation
  • Promotes Lymphatic health by facilitating drainage which removes toxins, reduces inflammation, increases collagen
  • Invigorates the body
  • Prepares skin for improved absorption of lotions and moisturizer.

How to care for your Dry Brush

Ugh…All that dry brushing!  How do you clean this thing?

Simply prepare a shallow dish of warm soapy water. Set your brush in the dish, bristles down, being careful to not submerge up to the wood. After soaking, rinse under flowing warm tap water then allow to air dry, 

bristles down, on a towel.

I have personally adopted Dry Brushing into my bathing routine with wonderful results. I highly recommend it. At 65, I am getting positive comments on my skin that I haven’t heard in a long time. Will Dry Brushing make you look 26 again, of course not, but you will tame Winter Skin and have smoother, softer, healthier skin all year long.

Check out this video for more information and quick demonstration on how to dry brush!

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Disclaimer: Dry Brushing is not for children. Those people with sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, sunburn or other skin concerns should consult their doctor before Dry Brushing.