Take a moment for yourself…oh heck, take TWO moments!
Bath Bombs are the best way to reset, relax and re-energize from our otherwise somewhat crazy world. Like a mini vacation, our Bath Bombs can take you where you need to go.

  • Imagine yourself in the middle of a serene and beautifully luscious bamboo forest. With a relaxing blend of leafy green tea, uplifting grapefruit, lemon, and musk, this fizzy bomb will turn your bath into the ultimate tranquil escape.
  • Subtly sweet with a hint of lemon and dewy like morning mist, this bath bomb will give you the ultimate spa experience. Get ready to be luminous, pure, and positively glowing.
  • Bursting with notes of tropical fruit, fresh citrus and sweet berries this happy bath bomb will whisk you away to a place of sun and sand. Get yourself a slice of paradise!
  • Drift into the perfect dream. The aroma of Lavender fields and the softness of coconut oil will take you there.
  • Our Muscle Magic bath bomb offers the most masculine fragrance in our bath bomb collection-fresh and crisp like mountain air! The Epsom salts in this bomb will relax your muscles after your favorite work out.
  • Can you feel the warm sunshine on your face and sand between your toes? This dreamy coconut cream scented bath bomb is a tropical moment of serenity. Not only does this bath bomb smell fruity, fresh, nutty, and creamy, but it will leave your skin feeling so soft and nourished you’ll want to do the hula!
  • Take perfectly warmed water, add to that the fragrance of fresh orange, the softness of coconut oil and the effervescence of our bath bomb and you have pure energizing synergy!
  • Whether you’re feeling a little under the weather or just in need of a pick me up this is the bomb for you! Refreshing, stimulating, and energizing this eucalyptus bath bomb is wonderful for clearing breathing passages, and for easing stress or frayed nerves. Drop it in the tub, hop in, take a deep breath in, and feel better!
  • Mountain Soap Factory's Blissful Moments Bath Bomb Gift Set is here to fill your bathtub with luscious, natural ingredients to leave you (or a special someone) feeling relaxed, restored, and rejuvenated! Let us select our 4 most popular bath bombs and wrap them with a beautiful floral decoration! This gift will be sure to offer the most blissful of moments for you or a loved one anytime of year.

    Floral decoration may differ.

  • This festive bath bomb is all dressed up and ready for giving! Choose from 12 wonderful fragrances to treat yourself or a loved one to a much needed moment of relaxation.

    *Gift bag color & decoration may differ.

  • The feel of the surf, the sea spray and sunlight on the waves will be yours with our Nautilus bath bomb. The Nautilus shell has long been the symbol of beauty in nature....this beauty is yours.
  • This fruity bomb is strawberry forward rounded with luscious cream; an absolute sweet treat for your skin! Bring a slice of summer to the tub with you.


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