You have come to a place of Health, Hope and Peace…not to mention Clarity and Bliss! Experience for yourself the natural goodness of hemp olive oil soap.

  • In this wonderful bar of hemp seed and olive oil soap we've blended a touch of coconut with a bright splash of citrus and softened it all with just the right amount of floral top notes. That's pure "Bliss" in our book!
  • Be embraced by the fragrance of juniper berries in this bright green bar of hemp seed olive oil soap. This soap will remind you of a cool clear morning in the high desert.
  • Sweet golden honey with the nutty fragrance of almonds blends in perfect harmony to create a scent that is warm and inviting. This amber colored bar is sure to calm your spirit.
  • Drench your body in Health. This soap offers the perfect fragrance blend of eucalyptus and mint. Here's to your good health.
  • This positive little bar of soap is just packed with HOPE. It's fresh green mossy scent will inspire you from sunup to sunset.
  • This bar offers the intoxicating aroma of rich vanilla with sweet pomegranate in a beautiful deep red bar of hemp seed and olive oil.
  • Just let it wash over you. Our deep purple bar of hemp seed and olive oil soap has the perfect amount of lavender to ensure all the tranquility you'll need for a good day. Feel the Peace.
  • Fragrance free and pure as can be! This bar is simplicity at its finest.
  • This bar of hemp seed olive oil soap has the traditional fragrance of Bay Rum and may just give you a little extra vim and vigor! The original Bay Rum fragrance hails from the West Indies when sailors in the 16th century discovered that the West Indies bay leaf made a great perfume.
  • This soap represents the whole truth and nothing but the truth! The great fragrances of Sandalwood, Jasmine, Musk and Vanilla will give you an honest clean, all day long.
  • We've used a little Asian fusion to cook up a modern take on ancient ingredients. Take a little Lemongrass, then combined the wonders of hemp seed oil and olive oil and you end up with a bar of soap that contains the wisdom of the ages.

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