Olive Oil Soap

Olive oil, the original beauty secret! Enjoy pampering your mind, body and spirit with our luxurious olive oil soaps.

  • Tangerine Olive Oil Soap - pure citrus bliss! Enjoy the unmistakable fragrance of tangerine and the incomparable feel of olive oil in one of our most requested soaps.
  • Umbria is a very special area known for the most beautiful and abundant sunflowers in all of Italy. Sun drenched, warm and earthy, our Umbria Sunflower Olive Oil soap takes you there.
  • Feel the forest and woods around you with our Spruce & Pine Olive Oil Soap. Bright and citrusy with anchoring woodland notes, you'll spend a moment in the mountains everyday with this bar.
  • Our Sandalwood & Jasmine Olive Oil Soap is crafted with notes of warm and earthy sandalwood, seductive vanilla, and the white floral aroma of jasmine petals. This is truly 'soft and cozy' in a bar!
  • Sage Olive Oil Soap

    Rustic and woody, the fragrance of our High Desert Trail olive oil soap is true to the natural herbal essence of sage. Dreaming of your last hike in the high desert? Our High Desert Trail will take you there. This is a great soap for guys and gals that long to be back in the great outdoors.
  • Rose Olive Oil Soap

    Hike through the Zirkel Wilderness in Routt County and you will be treated to the vision of the most dainty of wild roses. Our Wild Zirkel Rose soap pays homage to this delicate wildflower with a light rose fragrance that is sure to delight.
  • Our top selling recipe! Let us choose 4 of our most popular olive oil soaps to fill this colorful bag. Tastefully wrapped and tied with a bow this will be a gift you can give with pride.   *Gift bag color and decoration may differ from photo.
  • Enjoy the gentle breeze of a spring morning in the high country. Sweet Lilac, blends beautifully with Lavender into a deep, sensuous fragrance added to this sumptuously rich olive oil soap. Using natural micas, we've created the color of our mountains at dawn in a little bar of soap. Lather on some luxury!

  • NOTHING says Colorado summer like a fresh juicy peach plucked from the tree.  The western part of our state is renowned for its beautiful peach orchards and so we have created a soap that honors that noble fruit. Peachy Clean smells so sweet, you'll be tempted to take a bite.
  • Anywhere USA! Sun soaked honey and toasted almonds blend together to offer you a piece of Americana in this moisturizing bar of olive oil soap. This soap is just good for your soul.
  • Breathe deep and let the scent of eucalyptus and mint soothe your senses. Woody and refreshing this fragrance will calm your mind, nourish your respiratory system, and promote decadent relaxation while our olive oil recipe quenches your skin in a luxurious moisturizing lather. Whether you're feeling on top of the world or a little under the weather...THIS is the soap we're reaching for time after time.
  • It's a coziness you can smell! Warm and welcoming. The fragrance of our Cranberry, Apple, Marmalade Olive Oil Soap is like one big homecoming hug.
  • Our Coconut, Lime, Verbena Olive Oil Soap has notes of citrus, coconut and pineapple complimented by a woody base note. this bar will transport you, on a daily basis, to the vacation of your dreams.
  • Our Clover & Aloe Olive Oil Soap is a blend of fresh greens and bright citrus. With notes of lily, moss and violet images of a secluded mountain meadow perched high in the Rocky Mountains will fill your senses!
  • Enjoy the luxurious fragrances of fresh-picked basil, Italian bergamot, and bright lemon! Zesty and fresh, our Basil Citrus Olive Oil Soap will transport you to your very own secret garden in Tuscany.


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