Shea Butter Soap

Healthy skin is timeless. Exotic and soothing, Shea Butter has been used to naturally protect and rejuvenate skin for ages.

  • Let the soft gentle floral fragrance of Lily of the Valley enfold you like wings. Our Angel Wings shea butter soap represents all that is good and peaceful....and everything you deserve. From the moment you unwrap this delicate blue bar the troubles of the world will begin to melt away. Take yourself to a higher place, with Angel Wings.
  • Imagine quaking aspens, oak leaves and acorns blended with a hint of woodland moss. This bright yellow bar will remind you of that perfect fall moment in the high country...but don't be fooled, you'll reach for this soap all year long.
  • Plums, plums plums! Sugar plums were a traditional favorite during Colonial holidays. This Shea butter soap represents the wonder of the holidays past, present and future. From the moment you unwrap this delicate mauve colored bar you'll be surrounded with the happiness of days gone by. The smell of freshly sugared plums will fill the air. The holidays come but once a year, but you can enjoy them all year long with our Colonial Christmas soap.
  • The rich peppery floral fragrance of gardenia combined with the perfect amount of silky Shea butter will remind you of a warm summer night...ahhh, Forever Happiness!
  • Rustic and leathered, with deep teakwood undertones, salty sea air, complimented by the softness of creamy smooth coconut....these notes mingle together to create a scent that is a touch provocative, truly captivating, and positively timeless...just like Hemingway himself. Versatile for both men & women Hemingway Teakwood & Coconut is an absoute must try!
  • The warm aroma of honey and wildflowers will fill your bathroom and the lovely feel of shea butter will treat your skin to well deserved pampering. Feel the Morning Sun on your's positively intoxicating!
  • A warm blend of molasses, ginger, allspice, nutmeg, ground cloves and pumpkin. Pilgrim's Spice soap, naturally all American.
  • Find your own tranquil place with the fragrant aroma of white tea mingled with the fresh scent of ginger. Soft and spicy...the perfect amount of Ying and Yang to produce the AHHH factor.


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