The Steamboat Collection

Do you love Steamboat Springs as much as we do?

We have created specially labeled soaps, using our olive oil recipe, with beautiful images of your favorite places in Steamboat Springs. Also in this collection is our Steamboat labeled lip balm and sunscreen. Now you can spend a moment in our mountains every day with our Steamboat Springs labeled products.

  • We've put our refreshing Basil Citrus fragrance in our wonderful olive oil soap recipe and wrapped it all up in a beautiful picture of Steamboat. Select either the Summer image of Columbine flowers or the winter label of our skier enjoying champagne powder!
  • Imagine yourself hiking through a secluded mountain meadow perched high in the Rocky Mountains. The wonderfully “green” fragrance of Clover and Aloe will greet your senses with each use of one of our most popular soaps.
  • Whether you enjoy Steamboat in the summer or the winter, this wonderfully bright bar of soap will have you dreaming of life at 7000ft all year long. The fragrance of Coconut, Lime and Verbena combined with the beautiful images of our iconic More Barn is what memories are made of.
  • It’s a coziness you can smell! Warm and welcoming. We have blended cranberry, apple, marmalade and cinnamon into the essence of one big homecoming hug. Choose between our Steamboat Collection summer label or winter label.
  • Sun soaked honey and toasted almonds blend together in this moisturizing bar of olive oil soap. Walking around downtown Steamboat is a pleasure anytime of year. You can just feel our western hospitality on our summer label. Our winter label will remind you just how special our snowy main street really is. All that combined with the fragrance of honey & almond will bring you back to downtown Steamboat every time.
  • Sweet lilac, blends beautifully with lavender into a deep, sensuous fragrance added to this sumptuously rich olive oil soap. Lather on Some Luxury! Choose between our Steamboat Collection summer or winter label below.
  • Hike through the Zirkel Wilderness in Routt County and you will be treated to the vision of the most dainty of wild roses. Our Wild Zirkel Rose soap pays homage to this delicate wildflower with a light rose fragrance that is sure to delight.
  • Rustic and woody, the fragrance of our High Desert Trail olive oil soap is true to the natural herbal essence of sage. This is a great soap for guys and gals that long to be back in the great outdoors. Choose between the Steamboat Collection summer label or winter label.
  • The perfect fragrance combination of jasmine, vanilla and of course sandalwood creates an exotic experience that will soon become your very favorite. Choose between our Steamboat Collection summer label or winter label.
  • Spruce and Pines are everywhere! Have you ever walked into the woods and enjoyed the amazing fresh fragrance of the high country forests? You’ll spend a moment in the mountains every day with this bar. Choose between the Steamboat Collection summer label or winter label.


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